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In Search of Form and Life

Oğuz Kadıoğlu Architecture OSKAD Construction Joint Stock companies were founded in 2013 by Oğuz Kadıoğlu, as the continuation of the construction management and design knowledge, in the form of an international company. Kadıoğlu, who started his professional architecture career in hotel, airport and a massive project, started to take place in worldwide known projects of design and building site managements, and continues expanding his knowledge in this area.

As Oğuz Kadıoğlu Architecture and OSKAD Construction Joint Stock companies, we continue to work in different countries all over the world, such as especially Azerbaijan, Russia, Montenegro, Germany and Turkey, and continue growing.

We increase our own skills and competition on an international platform as one of the best architecture companies. We aim to build a new vision and lead the architectural design and construction process with our modern understanding of management and our highly skilled, dynamic team. Thus, we have been completed every step of our projects’ design and construction with success and appreciation so far. Nowadays, the constructionthe world is evolving into an even more competitive direction. Cost, time and quality continue protecting their importance, whereas technology leads an aspect of life as well as design and construction. Thus, being skilled and sustainable requires an absolute vision and a dynamic structure. We benefit from the technology and modern management techniques by improving our system and organization structure every day.

Design and construction are a long and intense process. Our mission is to reach the highest professional and ethical standard from start to finish with our employers, business partners, suppliers and the environment. We trust our knowledge and experience in reaching the needs and expectations of the employer to the maximum level.

Sticking to the programme, we work non-stop to provide the exceptional quality within the targeted budget. Our relationships based on trust, respect and honesty provide the foundation stone of our persistence.

best architecture officeOguz Kadioglu Architecture and OSKAD Construction Joint Stock Companies were founded by trusting the experience they have gained over long years and their corporate brand, in order to provide solutions according to the needs of the employers, and to increase their sector goals with their innovative mindset. We walk towards our perfect goals without deviating from our target, and by following all projects and productions process’ with analytic and modern methods. For a long time, we have been providing perfect, uninterrupted and high quality service to our employers in both design and construction works.

Our company, with its dynamic structure, creative and experienced team, has taken its place in the sector as an important brand that is noticed and respected in a very short time. OSKAD, the best construction company, which has been accepting the most special projects of very big organizations in different regions all over the world is a brand that provides service in many issues and areas such as optimum design, engineering from start to finish in the most useful productions and investments of engineering, project design, consulting in management – according to the employers’ needs. As OSKAD we expand our portfolio and activity area with abroad and domestic projects. We continue aiming for better performance by improving our business skills, which we have acquired through long hours of hard work. We portray, kneading and portraying the endless variations of substance apart from its already existing form into new works                                                                                                                                         that serve as perfect creations for their purpose, as to development and the future.

Being a reliable business partner is a long term investment We have achieved this success in a short time. We create synergy by working with our team, our business partners and our suppliers. We complete every task in the highest standarts, beyond the limits, and professional and ethical way. We analyze the needs and expectations of employers very carefully. We provide punctual and exceptionally high quality projects within the budget of our employers.

We guarantee innovation, excellency, speed and high quality in all of our projects. We care about details very much in order to provide the highest standards. We follow the always-changing sector and change with it as well. Thanks to training in- and outside of the company, we adapt to these changes. We know that these training, which are the fundamental necessity, will cause our long term success.

We crown every facility of modern technology with perfect workmanship and detail. We create inspirational pieces by focusing on using very special concrete objects in our projects We are aware of the impact architecture has on life.

As the OSKAD family, what portrays our vision, makes us who we are, potrays our outlook and makes us special is: “Form and Life”.

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