Bodrum Allium Villas Resort: A Charming Paradise

Bodrum Allium Villas Resort: A Charming Paradise

Built on an area of ​​7.532 square meters, inspired by sophisticated and modern architecture, the interior project design of Allium Villas was built with inspiration from the characteristic features of Bodrum.

An Oskad Design in Bodrum Yalıkavak

Allium Villas, built by Oskad in 201, is one of the most valuable projects of Bodrum Yalıkavak. The project, which has been carefully designed on an area of ​​16,000 square meters, whose architectural design was prepared by Oskad, and which harmonizes perfectly with its location, was completed in 2017.

Architectural techniques such as architectural drawings, structural drawings, MEP drawings, landscape drawings, 3D visualization and application drawings were used in preparing the interior project design of allium Villas.

Allium Villas is located about 1 km from the Yalıkavak Marina and is one of the luxury residential units of Yalıkavak. There are a total of 36 rooms in 9 villas, each consisting of 4-8 rooms. All rooms have sea and Land Views. It has a direct entrance to the private beach.

From all rooms, you can enjoy a spectacular view of the Aegean Sea and use the private road directly to the beach.

The villas, built with natural and quality materials, are specially decorated. The design, which is dominated by the earth color, offers you privileged comfort.

Bodrum Peninsula

Bodrum Peninsula, is one of Turkey’s and the world’s most famous holiday destinations. Thanks to Bodrum Milas Airport, the popularity of the region is much more due to the fact that it can be reached directly from many domestic and international regions and has the most beautiful location in the Aegean region.

The Bodrum Peninsula, which has many historical sites such as the restored Bodrum Castle and the Museum of Underwater Archeology, is an excellent holiday route with its magnificent marina, which is decorated with ancient cobblestones and contains many restaurants, bars and shops. Various social and cultural activities are held throughout the year, but it is more active after the spring season.

Rooms of Allium Villas with Bodrum view


Starting at 26 square meters, the Superior Room offers an excellent accommodation experience with its luxurious and comfortable design. You can feel the Aegean Sea right next to you with panoramic views and sea views which can be seen from the balcony and garden.


You can enjoy the garden with Allium Villas Deluxe Garden rooms and you can watch the nature view from the terrace floor. You can watch the spectacular sunset view of Yalıkavak in every season with Deluxe Garden.


Deluxe Marine is within easy reach of the private beach and infinity pool, with a balcony with a pleasant garden or unique views of the Aegean Sea. The Balcony Designs of the Deluxe Marine Room are designed at a perspective angle to see the magnificent Aegean Sea. The spacious and comfort-designed rooms have all these features.


Designed for an unforgettable stay experience, Marine Suite is a double balcony structure with Aegean Sea views. According to your request, you can choose as 2 + 1 suite designed by making changes in architectural design. As with all designs, it is designed to dominate the Bodrum view.


The most distinctive feature used by Oskad in the design of the Azure Garden Suite interior project is the large living room that opens directly into the garden and the fact that you will be able to watch and enjoy the sky throughout the night in the garden. You can also combine the Deluxe Garden Room as a 2+1 Suite for a more enjoyable experience.

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