Portonovi located in the middle of the unique beauty of the Montenegro Bay of Boka (Kotor) is in the shore of the Adriatic Sea where luxury meets the nature.
Portonovi oversees a majestic view full of emerald mountains, sapphire seas and green hills. With its luxurious houses, the first class
D-Marin Portonovi Marina,
ideal for super yachts, and the One&Only hotel, Portonovi opens a door to all opportunities presented by this untouched land.

montenegro project

The first one of the One&Only Hotels, one of the most luxurious hotel chains in the world, in Europe welcomes us at the entrance of the Bay of Boka included
in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The Bay of Boka has residents since the ancient ages and hosts a cultural mixture with hidden monasteries in caves, and medieval time towns like Kotor,
Risan and Perast. This unique project enables enjoying luxury, walking the cobblestone pavements of neighboring medieval age town and experiencing churches full of frescoes.

one only project

The project design is carried out in line with the principles of interfering with the least impact by adapting the building to the natural environment and energy saving. The facility displays an unrivaled seclusion with modern style ad sustainable design in a beach full of adventures. It bears the traces of classical Mediterranean architecture with spectacular columns and arches.

The One&Only is famous for large private villas providing privacy at any level in all facilities. These majestic beach villas created by Azmont as the investor, Pizzarotti as the project manager, and OSKAD as the contractor, offer the most extraordinary luxury ever created. The architecturally perfect and visually magnificent One&Only Private Homes designed separately by HBA Architecture maximize the comfortable life style of the beach with an innovative design bringing outdoors to indoors. There are ten impressive villas with different stories at sizes ranging from 561m² to 871m².


While stunning modern design blurs the lines between the outdoor and indoor, large and luminous places present a perfect environment to rest or have fun. Cutting-edge technology equipment meets all kinds of needs you can think of while first-class natural materials and luxurious hardware complete the picture. Each villa with a fascinating location at the beach has a private pier, a spa, an infinity pool, bathing beach and a blooming garden turning the Bay of Boka into your personal playground.

The location and characteristics of the land play a key role in the design. The compact volume at the beginning of the design is divided into a courtyard in a search of privacy and seascape.  A series of concepts like transparency, reflections, and a view sweeping through the porch enhance the continuous existence of infinite space.

The One&Only Portonovi private villas offering the incredible sunset view over the Adriatic Sea reflect the Modern European style as well as containing the unique examples of modern architecture with arched halls, top-down windows, glass walls, large bathrooms, and fine floors. The creative design offers a complete seclusion with each foyer, balcony or terrace as well as direct access to the well-groomed garden from the rooms in the ground floor, and the perfect balance between the inner and outer life.


Portonovi was designed considering every detail including villas, food experiences and healthy living facilities to present the quality understanding in the holiday resort life. Tapasake Club developed as a unique concept presenting tapas style dishes with a Japanese impact.

Tapasake Restaurant formed in a field of 2.750 m² with touches reflecting the integrated atmosphere of modern and natural beauties is a unique place for those wanting to experience the far east cuisine. The perfect details in the project design prioritizing spaciousness and functionality will make you feel good.

Tapasake Restaurant with an extremely elegant and modern concept has a stunning indoor place wandering around the Mediterranean. It is covered with glass and was constructed with stones and stainless steel to best use the natural environment. The restaurant has a concrete-looking smooth black decorative floor between the elegant surfaces, oyster grey pearlescent tables with cream colored legs and a bar shaped like a half moon.


The name of the restaurant celebrating the sandy beach of One&Only Portonovi refers to sabbia meaning sand in Italian. The marvelous project design of Sabia Restaurant by Giorgio Locatelli with a construction site of approximately 1000 m² was planned inspired from completely modern lines.

Sabia Restaurant offers a main dining area and a large sitting area with a successful ambiance where you will feel special and experience a family dinner atmosphere. Feed your soul with extraordinary delights made by famous Michelin star chef Giorgio Locatelli. This place makes you dine with the five senses with its elegant and modern menu and a dreamy outdoor terrace.

The restaurant has an open kitchen, impressive engaged wine cellar and a private dining room and a Raw Bar offering organic vegetables and fresh mozzarella for lighter options.

The design is based on the sand’s many manifestations from the molecular character of the crystal, its ability to turn into glass, and the shapes and textures you find while walking along the beach. The lines of the design flood from various areas to magnificent views. Toned colors and textures, whose forms are inspired by the curved lines of sand in shallow waters reminiscent of the beach and ceiling features, connect the space to its location and frame the views of the bay.


The construction works process of 10 “Branded Villa” affiliated with the One&Only Resort, the Pool Club, Tapasake Restaurant and Locatelli Restaurant located in the Portonovi Complex, which is one of the most magnificent and glamorous holiday resort bringing the refines luxury to the heart of the Bay of Boka, is carried out by the organization and management of OSKAD Architecture and Construction. Its investment was provided by Azmont while the project management was performed by Pizzarotti. In this perfect project, where 450 employees with vast knowledge and experience worked, 400 internationally experienced workers and 50 administrative staff were employed, and solution partnerships were made with nearly 40 professional companies qualified in their field during the project.

The One&Only Private Homes in the Hotel Complex are one of the important projects OSKAD Architecture and Construction carried out in Portonovi, Montenegro in 2019. Pioneering the architectural application projects and construction process with its modern management approach and highly qualified and dynamic team, all stages of the

  • Construction Drawings & Shop Drawings
  • Facade and Roofs
  • MEP Works (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing)
  • Fit Out
  • FF&E (Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment)
  • Infrastructure

works of Private Homes Villas, Pool Club & Tapasake Restaurant, Locatelli Restaurant, Management building and Apart blocks were successfully conducted.

First-class stone paving were used on the external walls of all villages while solid and Teak tree flooring were used in terraces, and modern designs and classical lines were used in the interior design. Flawless workmanship and all possibilities of the modern technology were used for every member of the family to feel special with the privileged style, areas and comfort . Additionally, interior areas were completed with the special woodworks and pieces of local designers. The villas built with clay, wood, precious metals, stones and the finest-quality raw material specific to the region, reflected the One&Only’s famous exceptional style, area and comfort levels.

The stunning, creative and modern designs reflecting the quality of OSKAD Architecture and Construction create a perfect environment for you to rest or have fun in large and elegant areas. Cutting-edge technology equipment meets all the needs you can think of while our first-class quality understanding creates suitable solutions.

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